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Retiring Rich in a Third World Country

Finding it a bit hard to enjoy your retirement years thanks to inflation, a failing social safety net and greedy kids?  Is your bank account lower than Boratís pants during New Yorkís gay parade? Is there some guy knocking at your door telling you that you can borrow money against your house so that you have money to eat? 

If so then it is time to consider retiring rich in a third world country.  Why? Because everybody is doing it. Why eat cans of dog food in North America when just a few miles down in South America you could be dancing with nearly nude cabana boys, snoozing in a hammock and eating delicious live oysters every day? 

Furthermore living in a third world country allows you to stretch a dollar further than you ever could in a so called first world country. In fact, itís so hot, everybody is too lazy to even worry about making a living. You can spend your days frolicking in the salty seas rather than crying salty tears because a fall in the economy just took half of your retirement income away. 

Sure the sanitation in a third world country leaves a little to be desired and it can be a drag wiping your rear end with a banana leaf but anything is better than sitting waiting for a long cold winter to end so that you can get to the happy task of doing your taxes.  Retire rich in a third world country. As they say its better than retiring poor here where people feel sorry for you for not having any money. In a third world country they only feel sorry for you if you are not getting any sex!